COOP 303


Coop 303 is a contemporary casual restaurant serving modern, regional cuisine in the heart of Atlantic Beach. Close to the beach, Coop 303’s craft cocktails and signature dishes allow friends and family to gather over good food and beach views.


  • Production
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Website
interior photo of coop 303


As a brand new concept at the North Beaches Town Center, Coop 303 needed to establish itself within the market and create an online presence for potential customers. Coop 303 needed the foundations of a website, digital marketing strategy, and visuals to showcase their restaurant to the beaches while standing out and increasing foot traffic.


A clear and direct digital marketing strategy that included a website design and photoshoots with the Production Team allowed Coop 303 to stand out online and establish brand recognition in the beach community. We focused on the unique selling points of the restaurant, including its proximity to the beach and other attractions, craft cocktails, and live events that could potentially bring in valued customers.


Christianne Valois-Velez
Jade Hosein
Cameron Korn
Tyler Dunkley
Kyle Horton