Oblong Golf Balls is a lifestyle company based in Jacksonville, Florida, specializing in the very ordinary when it comes to golf. It’s nothing special; their products won’t make you hit any better, but when you arrive on the greens— you arrive in style.


  • Design
  • Production
  • Strategy
  • Website
graphic for oblong that says "nothing special"


As a new concept, Oblong Golf Balls wanted to establish itself as an alternative lifestyle brand to the golfing world. Oblong’s team needed to start from the ground up to create a cohesive brand online and off that breaks tradition and opens the mind to alternative ways of golfing. Their team wanted to ensure that they had the proper branding, website, and merchandise to create a world of their own.


With a vision to change the golf game, our team started with a logo creation that fits within the industry but stands out compared to traditional golfing brands. Choosing vibrant colors that adhered to the greens but stood out with a pop of orange, our design team created an eclectic brand guideline that would help with the future development of brand strategy, website development, digital strategy, and cohesive branded merchandise.


Cameron Korn
Christianne Valois-Velez
Tyler Dunkley